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Delegations of Authority

What are Delegations of Authority?

The University of Queensland’s Delegations of Authority sets out the principles and framework for delegations within the University

The University is governed by the University of Queensland Act 1998 which empowers Senate, the governing authority of the University, to fulfil its functions, including to:

  • Appoint staff;
  • Manage and control the University’s affairs and property; and
  • Manage and control the University’s finances.

Under the Act, Senate may delegate its powers to:

  • An appropriately qualified member of the Senate; or
  • An appropriately qualified committee that includes one or more members of Senate; or
  • An appropriately qualified member of the University‚Äôs staff.

This power allows Senate to make delegations that support the pursuit of the University’s objectives, functions and strategic priorities as well as the efficient, effective day-to-day management and operations of the University.

Delegations of authority provide formal authority to staff to commit the University to action and to incur liabilities.

Delegations are intended to provide greater certainty in relation to levels of responsibility, accountability, authority and approval authorities across the University.

Who is it for?

The Register will assist anyone who holds a position to which delegated authority is attached.

All delegations apply to positions and not to individuals. Delegations listed are unique to that position, however not all positions in the University are listed and not all positions have unique delegations; for example, individual Directors have different delegation levels dependent upon their specific position, area of responsibility and scale of their organisational unit.

A financial delegation provides formal authority to incur liabilities on behalf of the University. The University’s Financial Delegation Policy determines the maximum delegation amount limit allowable for each staff member, based on their position title. These limits, assigned in bands, to collections of position titles, can be found in the Schedule of Authorisation Bands.

To request a financial delegation (UniFi financial approver role) within these set limits, the staff member must complete a Unifi Access Application Form and have this authorised by the head of the organisational unit to which the financial approval authority applies. This form is then scanned and emailed to fbs.support@uq.edu.au.

More details can be obtained from the Financial Delegation Policy.

How do I use the Delegations Register?

The Register comprises an extract of delegations of authority granted under the University’s policies. It is intended as an easy reference of the major decision points within the University; there is no intention to cover all decisions.

The Delegations Register may be viewed by Category (e.g approving operating expenditure) or Position (the Delegation Holder such as a Head of School).

Each entry in the Delegations Register is hyperlinked to the relevant policy with the UQ Policy and Procedures Library, which contains the full information. You are reminded that you must be familiar with the contents of these policies when exercising a delegation.

The Delegations Register currently comprises financial delegations. For all other delegations please refer to the UQ Policy and Procedures Library.

What applies to me?

In order to delegate to the appropriate levels, positions which hold similar levels of delegations have been put into bands.

The Schedule of Authorisation bands provides an overview of the delegation levels and is available here.

Before applying for a financial delegation, you should have already reviewed the UQ Policy and Procedures Library and the Schedule of Authorisation Bands. From these two documents you can see what maximum financial delegation is available to you based on your job title. The authoriser of your delegation request, will ultimately determine the appropriate delegation level, where applicable and up to the maximum limit as per the schedule.


The Delegations of Authority policy sets out the general principles of delegations and can be found here at the UQ Policy and Procedures Library.

The Financial Delegations policy can be found at the UQ Policy and Procedures Library. The Financial Delegations Policy sets out the principles and framework for the financial delegations of authority which Senate has approved.

Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact delegations@uq.edu.au